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6th Annual GSCN Conference

19 - 21 September 2018
Heidelberg, Germany

UniStem Day 2018
European Stem Cell Day in Germany
16 March 2018
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The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a network organization that creates synergies between all areas of basic and applied stem cell research and provides a hub between science, politics, education and society.





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The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a member-driven initiative. Join us and support this important initiative!



New funding call from European innovative medicine initiative (IMI) 
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Funding for women with children - Annual GSCN Grant for scientist

The German Stem Cell Network offers a yearly funding to a young female scientist with child/children.It is aimed specifically at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The GSCN collaborates with the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation (CNV-Foundation) to support young talented women with children to enable them to create the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific career.

Applications deadline is 30 November 2017! Read for more information  here.

Exciting stem cell meeting in Jena: The 5th Annual GSCN Conference in Jena was the meeting point for the German scientific community

The Annual GSCN Conference 2017 (  Conference Websitewelcomed 400 participants and 26 companies to the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena from 11 - 13 September 2017.

Jena was the German capital of stem cell research for three days – around 400 scientists from Germany and other countries met in the university to exchange new results. One overall topic was ageing and stem cells. Highlights were the international key notes framing the conference with Elaine Fuchs (New York), Heinrich Jasper (Novato) and Maike Sander (San Diego). Another outstanding highlight was the Presidential Symposium with keynote speaker Jürgen Knoblich (Vienna) and the presentations of the GSCN-awardees Elly Tanaka (Vienna), Francesco Neri (Jena) and Gray Camp (Dresden):  GSCN Awards and  Press release GSCN Awards 2017. The conference offered space for a large industry exhibition with 26 booths, two intensive poster sessions and two social events: a lot of possibilities to network, foster relationships, discuss with collaborators and find out about new technologies. The social networking event took place on Tuesday evening in the Volksbad in Jena.

A non-PI meeting of 15 eager young scientists followed the official meeting on Thursday 14 Sept. 2017. A well-attended public event on Wednesday evening presented the advances of stem cell research to an interested lay audience again in the Volksbad.

New GSCN Awards 2017:
Eavesdropping on the conversation of stem cells

The "GSCN 2017 Young Investigator Award" goes to  Dr. Francesco Neri from the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz-Lipmann-Institute (FLI) in Jena.

The "GSCN 2017 Female Scientist Award" goes to  Prof. Elly Tanaka from the Institute of Molecular Pathology IMP in Vienna and the TU Dresden.

The "GSCN 2017 Publication of the Year Award" goes to  Dr. J. Gray Camp and Prof. Barbara Treutlein (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig), together with Dr. Keisuke Sekine and Prof. Takanori Takebe (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center). The award honors the publication "Multilineage communication regulates human liver bud development from pluripotency" in the journal Nature (Camp , JG et al., 2017, Nature 546, 533-538,   doi: 10.1038/nature22796).

Read more here:   press release: Eavesdropping on the conversation of stem cells
  Pressemitteilung: Dem Gespräch der Stammzellen lauschen
GSCN Awards
From the press:  MedizinAspekte (18.8.), Ostthüringer Zeitung (18.8), |transcript (23.8.), Laborjournal 09/2017 S.10, EuroStemCell (08/2017)

The three GSCN awards are endowed with 1,500 euros each, and the prizewinners will give a lecture at the Presidential Symposium on 12 September at this year's GSCN Stem Cell Conference from 11 - 13 September 2017 in Jena.

GSCN developed school material:
"Stammzellen verstehen - Die Konferenz für die Schule"


The GSCN and the Schering Stiftung developed new material about stem cells for high schools in German. The four units á 90 minutes cover the topics "Basics, Ethics, Therapies, Genetics" and offer an insight into the wide area of stem cells and related fields. Teachers find a didactic concept based on elements of a scientific conference - students slip into the role of scientists and give key lectures, present posters and discuss on panels about all kind of aspects about stem cells. Please take a look  www.stammzellen-verstehen.de

Our brand new GSCN annual magazine 2016/17 "Stem Cell Research: Potentials & Perspectives" is online:


Read it online  here (with download link).

1.000 students looked into stem cell research at UniStem Day

On 17 March over 1.000 students in 10 cities in Germany focussed on stem cells. 27.000 students all over Europe participated in the UniStem Day and learnt about basic and applied science in stem cell research. It was a great day. The GSCN initiated the UniStem Day in Germany. Read more  here.

GSCN White Paper "Öffentliche Förderung der Stammzellforschung - Deutschland im internationalen Vergleich" (in German)

The working group " Funding Programs and Policies" has published a White Paper on the funding situation for stem cell research and regenerative medicine in Germany and in comparison to other leading countries (US, UK, Sweden and Japan). If you are interested to get printed documents please contact the GSCN central office (contact: GSCN Office).

Read it online  here (with download link).
Press article in the journal transkript about the GSCN White Paper:  here
Press article in the European Biotechnology Magazine about the GSCN White paper:  here




Short film with statements (in German) from leading German scientists on the importance of the GSCN.

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News from the field

(DE) - article in German, (GSCN) - contribution of GSCN members

Chinese researchers report first lung stem cell transplantation clinical trial
Source: EurekAlert, 09.02.2018

Functioning human mini-kidney grown from stem cells in mice for first time
Source: Independent, 09.02.2018

First human eggs grown in laboratory
Source: BBC, 09.02.2018

Teilung von Stammzellen erstmals im Gehirn mitverfolgt (DE)
Source: Universität Zürich, 09.02.2018

Erstaunliche Flexibilität: Wie Zebrafische ihr Herz regenerieren können (DE)
Source: Der Standard, 06.02.2018

New mouse model makes stem cells light up green
Source: University Bonn, 01.02.2018

Förderpreis der Chica und Heinz Schaller-Stiftung an Marieke Essers (GSCN) (DE)
Source: DKFZ, 01.02.2018

Two genetically identical cloned monkeys play in their incubator in Shanghai, China
Is monkey cloning a breakthrough or a bad idea?
Forscher klonen erstmals Affen nach der "Dolly"-Methode
 (GSCN) (DE)
Sources: Science, The Niche Knoepfler Blog, Spiegel Online, FAZ, Zeit, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, 24.01.2018

Eppendorf Hosts Second Stem Cell Community Day in Duesseldorf (GSCN)
Source: Presse Box, 22.01.2018

Cynata Therapeutics advance to second cohort in stem cell trial
Source: Small Caps (AU), 22.01.2018

CRISPR to make iPS cells: review of new Ding lab paper
Source: The Niche, Knoepfler Blog, 21.01.2018
CRISPR als Stammzell-produzent: Genschere macht Hautzellen zu pluripotenten Stammzellen (DE)
Source: Scinexx (DE), 22.01.2018

Kyoto University researcher admits falsifying iPS cell study deriving endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier
Nobel laureate, Shinya Yamanaka, suggests he could resign from leadership post over colleague’s bogus paper
Research misconduct discovered at Kyoto University

Source: Asahi, Science, CiRA Kyoto University, 23.01.2018

Eppendorf Hosts Second Stem Cell Community Day in Duesseldorf (GSCN)
Source: Presse Box, 22.01.2018

Cynata Therapeutics advance to second cohort in stem cell trial
Source: Small Caps (AU), 22.01.2018

CRISPR to make iPS cells: review of new Ding lab paper
Source: The Niche, Knoepfler Blog, 21.01.2018
CRISPR als Stammzell-produzent: Genschere macht Hautzellen zu pluripotenten Stammzellen (DE)
Source: Scinexx (DE), 22.01.2018

1st serious reaction to iPS-derived retinal cell transplant reported
Source: Japan Today, 17.01.2018

Researchers derived sensory interneurons from stem cells for the first time
Source: Edgy Labs, 17.01.2018

Signalprotein Hedgehog hält Krebsstammzellen am Leben (DE)
Source: Charité, 17.01.2018

Stem-cell-based treatment aims to reverse Type 1 diabetes
Source: Vancouver Sun, 16.01.2018

Frischzellenkur für die Herzmuskeln (DE)
Source: Die Presse, 12.01.2018

New stem cell method sheds light on a tell-tale sign of heart disease
Source: Sciencedaily, 09.01.2018

FDA Issues 1st Stem Cell Warning Letter of 2018 to American CryoStem
Source: The Niche, Knoepfler Blog, 07.01.2018

Clinical trial of kidney regeneration using iPS cells likely to start this year
Source: The Mainichi, 05.01.2018

NIH discovery brings stem cell therapy for eye disease closer to the clinic
Source: NIH press release, 02.01.2018

Scientists a step closer to mimicking way human body creates sperm
Source: The Guardian, 01.01.2018

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