Upcoming events


33rd  Ernst Klenk Symposium - Tissue regeneration, wound healing and fibrosis: Translating basic concepts into regenerative therapy
  15 - 17 Oct. Cologne, Germany
  DECHEMA visits Berlin-Buch: Trading in cells - Lab cultures, patients, and the promise of applications
  18 Oct. Berlin, Germany
CRISPR: From Biology to Technology and Novel Therapeutics
  22 - 24 Oct. Sitges, Spain
50. Jahrestagung der DGTI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transfusionsmedizin und Immunhämatologie)
  24 - 27 Oct. Cologne, Germany
  GSCN satellite session on Thursday 26 Oct.
  Symposium: Dynamics of adult stem cells and cancer
  25 - 26 Oct. Frankfurt, Germany
EBiSC workshop: Scalability of iPSC Technology for Future Drug Discovery and Therapy
  2 - 3 Nov.  Berlin, Germany

PEI - GSCN Workshop: Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) - Road to clinic
place: Max-Delbrück-Centrum
  6 Nov.  Berlin, Germany
  Participation free of charge. Please register by e-mail to GSCN Office

Veranstaltung: Aspekte der Qualitätssicherung bei der Herstellung von ATMPs (DE)
place: Max-Delbrück-Centrum (download flyer with registration)

  7 Nov.  Berlin, Germany
Oxford Global: 4th Annual Stem Cell Congress
  6 - 7 Nov. London, UK
Big Questions in Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2017 Symposium)
  9 -10 Nov. Arlington, VA, USA
ISSCR International Symposium: Stem Cells: The Next Generation
  10 -12 Nov.  Guangzhou, China
3rd Challenges in Computational Biology Workshop: Protein Interaction Networks and Disease
  20 Nov. IMB Mainz, Germany


51st Miami Winter Symposium: Stem Cells – Today’s Research Tomorrow’s Therapies
  28 - 31 Jan. Miami, USA
SYStem - Symposium for the Next Generation of Stem Cell Research
  22 - 24 Feb. Vienna, Austria
Interdisziplinäre Gruppe für Labor und Durchflusszytometrie (IGLD) 2018
  1 - 3 March Frankfurt, Germany
2nd International Symposium for Molecular Medicine (ISMM 2018)
  8 - 9 June
 Düsseldorf, Germany
ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting
  20 - 23 June Melbourne, Austrialia
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