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Stem cell transplant to tackle Huntington's disease
Source: BBC, 15.05.2017

Stem cell transplants may advance ALS treatment by repair of blood-spinal cord barrier
Source: Science Daily, 15.05.2017

In a world first, Japanese team creates eggs and sperm of endangered species from iPS cells
Source: JapanTimes, 13.05.2017

Interview | Experimentelle Musik aus Hautzellen - "Mit 10 Jahren wollte ich David Bowie werden" (DE)

Source: RBB Online, 12.05.2017

Connecting brain regions in a dish - a new organoide technology to detect malfunctions in the brain
Source: IMBA Vienna, 10.05.2017

New Yamanaka interview gives key insights into future of IPS cells
Nobel laureate has high hopes for donor iPS cells

Source: Knoepfler lab stem cell blog (10.05.2017), Nikkei Asia Review (27.04.2017)

International Stem Cell’s Trial in Parkinson’s Can Continue, Board Says
Source: Parkinson's News Today, 10.05.2017

Scientists unveil the UK’s largest resource of human stem cells from healthy donors (HipSci)
Source: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, 10.05.2017

Stem Cell Trial Data Mostly Go Unpublished
Source: The Scientist, 05.05.2017

Vitamin A deficiency is detrimental to blood stem cells (GSCN)
Source: DKFZ, 05.05.2017

California Today: Waiting on the Promise of Stem Cells
Source: NY Times, 03.05.2017

Amid uncertain future, state's stem cell agency loses transformational leader

Source: San Diego Union Tribune, 03.05.2017

Boston University scientists turn human induced pluripotent stem cells into lung cells
Source: Eureka Alert, 02.05.2017

Bessere Forschungsmöglichkeiten für Greifswalder Labormediziner - Vernetzung deutscher Biobanken (DE)
Source: DZHK, 02.05.2017

Research and Markets - Global Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) Market Analysis 2014-2017 & 2025
Source: Business Insider, 01.05.2017

Stem Cells in Culture Have Tendency to Develop Cancer-Linked Mutations
Source: Gene News Highlights, 01.05.2017

Gut Organoid Transplants Produce Colorectal Cancer in Mice
Source: The Scientist, 01.05.2017

First Dose Group in Parkinson’s Stem Cell Trial Successfully Transplanted
Source: Parkinson's News Today, 26.04.2017

Viel mehr als eine Genschere - Ulmer Forscherin koordiniert DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm zu CRISPR-Cas (DE)
Source: Ulm University, 24.04.2017

South Korea World's Second in No. of Stem Cell Clinical Trials
Source: KBS World Radio, 24.04.2017

China experiments human stem cells in cargo spacecraft
Source:, 21.04.2017

Neue regenerative Herztherapie durch im Labor gezüchtete Herzmuskelgewebe
Source: MBM ScienceBridge, 21.04.2017

March for Science: Revolte statt Elfenbeinturm (DE)
Source: Wirtschaftswoche, 20.04.2017

Ersatzorgane im Labor gezüchtet (DE)
Source: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 19.04.2017

Young human blood makes old mice smarter
Source: Nature, 19.04.2017

Mit Genschere zum Institut (DE)
Source:, 18.04.2017

Evangelischer Theologe Klaus Tanner für Forschung an Embryonen (DE)
Source:, 18.04.2017

Kobe to open center to support people with low vision
Source: Japan Today, 13.04.2017

Stem Cell Clinics Are Ruining People's Lives
Source: TONIC, 13.04.2017

Mediziner bauen menschliche Gebärmutterschleimhaut nach (DE)
Source: Deutschlandfunk, 11.04.2017

"Leben ist nicht ohne Risiko" (DE):
Die Medizinerin Elke Holinski-Feder plädiert für Forschung an Embryonen und sagt, wie weit man gehen darf, um den Elternwunsch nach einem gesunden Kind zu erfüllen.
Source: Der Spiegel, 11.04.2017

Human blood cells develop in a continuous process instead of a stepwise one (GSCN)
Source: DKFZ News, 10.04.2017

Mighty morphed brain cells cure Parkinson’s in mice, but human trials still far off
Source: STAT News, 10.04.2017

Salk scientists expand ability of stem cells to regrow any tissue type
Source: Salk Institute, 06.04.2017

First Clinic-Ready Stem Cell Repository
Source: The Scientist, 06.04.2017

Anthony Ho: Ein Pionier der Stammzell-Therapie (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Klinikticker, 05.04.2017

Politologen suchen Interviewpartner zu Stammzellforschung für Forschungsprojekt (DE)
Source: WAZ, 05.04.2017

Ethik-Debatte um künstlich hergestellte Organoide (DE)
Source: Der Standard, 05.04.2017

Stem cells offer hope for autism
On Duke stem cells for autism trial, did new CNN article hit the mark?

Source: CNN, Knoepfler lab stem cell blog, 05.04.2017

Machine learning predicts the look of stem cells
Source: Nature News, 05.04.2017

Landmark surgery a step forward for iPS, says Nobel laureate
Source: Nikkei Asian Review, 05.04.2017

Mini-Gehirn aus der Petrischale (GSCN) (DE)
Organoide aus IPS-Zellen: Zellknödel funktionieren wie embryonale Mini-Gehirne
Source: University of Bonn, 04.04.2017; Deutschlandfunk, 05.04.2017

Novel method for generating airway cells from stem cells
Source: Science Daily, 30.03.2017

Genome Editing an humanen Zellen: Expertengruppe veröffentlicht Leopoldina-Diskussionspapier (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Leopoldina Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften, 29.03.2017
Discussion paper (pdf): Leopoldina (including englisch Version)
Press response: FAZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29.03.2017
Embryonenschutz: Theologe befürwortet Gentechnik am Menschen (DE)
Source: FAZ, 07.04.2017

Potential of stem cell therapy to repair lung damage
Source: Science Daily, 28.03.2017

New stem cell method produces millions of human brain and muscle cells in days
Source: Science Daily, 23.03.2017

New tools to study the origin of embryonic stem cells
Source: Science Daily, 23.03.2017

A New Form of Stem-Cell Engineering Raises Ethical Questions
Source: New York Times, 21.03.2017

Novel cell culture model is aimed at avoiding animal experiments and solving reproductive problems
Source: Leibniz Institute FBN, 21.03.2017

Engineer aims to grow spinal tissue in lab
Source: University of Wisconsin, 21.03.2017

Borrowing from nature: UW-Madison scientists use plants to grow stem cells
Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 20.03.2017

Stem cells seem speedier in space
Source: Phys.Org, 20.03.2017

Vision saved by first induced pluripotent stem cell treatment
Source: New Scientist, 15.03.2017

Paper on 1st use of CRISPR in normal human embryos: problems remain
Source:, 09.03.2017

Cambridge scientists create first self-developing embryo from stem cells
Source: The Guardian, 02.03.2017

Regulator ready’ stem cell lines now available for clinical development
Source: UK Gov., 27.02.2017

Stem cell Icarus
Source: BioEdge, 11.02.2017

Riken-linked team set to test transplanting eye cells using iPS from donor
Source: JapanTimes, 08.02.2017

BMBF funding for diabetes research on pancreas chip (GSCN)
Source: EurekAlert, 08.02.2017

Longeveron Achieves Milestone in Groundbreaking Stem Cell Trial for Alzheimer's Disease
Source: EurekAlert, 08.02.2017

Human brain 'organoids' offer new insight into rare developmental disease
Source: Science Daily, 07.02.2017

Good stem cell news on trials, FDA, cool new papers & more
Source: The Niche (Knoepfler lab blog), 31.01.2017

First stem cell study could lead to development of therapy to reduce inflammation caused by CF
Source: News Medical, 31.01.17

Organoide: Därmchen und Hirnchen (DE)
Source: DocCheckNews, 30.01.2017

Reprogrammierung von Fruchtwasser-Stammzellen in Richtung Pluripotenz (GSCN)(DE)
Source: Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, 27.01.2017

A stem cell-based system makes the battle against a rare disease personal (GSCN)
Source: Max Delbrueck Center, 26.01.2017

Scientists use stem cells to create human/pig chimera embryos
Source: EurekaAlert, 26.01.2017

Mature heart muscle cells created in the laboratory from stem cells
Source: EurekaAlert, 26.01.2017

Dortmunder Wissenschaftler erforschen Gennetzwerk von Leberzellen zur Reprogrammierung von Stammzellen (DE)
Source: WDR, 25.01.2017

Kyoto University to halt provision of iPS cells after reagent misuse
Source: The Japanese Times, 24.01.2017

Revolutionary burn treatment uses stem cell spray
Source: Click2Houston, 24.01.17

Stammzellenforschung mit einem Denso-Roboter (DE)
Source: Hanser Konstruktion, 24.01.17

Researchers discover BRCA1 gene is key for blood forming stem cells
Source: Science Daily, 24.01.17

Elaine Fuchs wins 2017 McEwen Award for Innovation
Source: Rockefeller University, 23.01.2017

Tollwutviren zeigen Verschaltungen im gläsernen Gehirn (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Universität Bonn, 19.01.2017

Scientists initiate first ethical guidelines for organs cultivated in vitro
Source: IMBA Vienna, 19.01.2017

California voters were promised cures. But the state stem cell agency has funded just a trickle of clinical trials
Source: STATNews, 19.01.2017

Scientists reprogram embryonic stem cells to expand their potential cell fates
Source: EurekAlert, 13.01.17

Improving longevity of functionally integrated stem cells in regenerative vision therapy
Source: medicalxpress, 12.01.17

Japan, German researchers trying to save endangered rhinos using iPS cells (GSCN)
Source: The Japanese Times, 07.01.2017

NYSCF and Personal Genome Project announce availability of fully sequenced stem cell lines
Source: eurekalert, 05.01.17

Biological techniques: Stomach growth in a dish
Source: nature, 04.01.17


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