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Regulator ready’ stem cell lines now available for clinical development
Source: UK Gov., 27.02.2017

Stem cell Icarus
Source: BioEdge, 11.02.2017

Riken-linked team set to test transplanting eye cells using iPS from donor
Source: JapanTimes, 08.02.2017

BMBF funding for diabetes research on pancreas chip (GSCN)
Source: EurekAlert, 08.02.2017

Longeveron Achieves Milestone in Groundbreaking Stem Cell Trial for Alzheimer's Disease
Source: EurekAlert, 08.02.2017

Human brain 'organoids' offer new insight into rare developmental disease
Source: Science Daily, 07.02.2017

Good stem cell news on trials, FDA, cool new papers & more
Source: The Niche (Knoepfler lab blog), 31.01.2017

First stem cell study could lead to development of therapy to reduce inflammation caused by CF
Source: News Medical, 31.01.17

Organoide: Därmchen und Hirnchen (DE)
Source: DocCheckNews, 30.01.2017

Reprogrammierung von Fruchtwasser-Stammzellen in Richtung Pluripotenz (GSCN)(DE)
Source: Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, 27.01.2017

A stem cell-based system makes the battle against a rare disease personal (GSCN)
Source: Max Delbrueck Center, 26.01.2017

Scientists use stem cells to create human/pig chimera embryos
Source: EurekaAlert, 26.01.2017

Mature heart muscle cells created in the laboratory from stem cells
Source: EurekaAlert, 26.01.2017

Dortmunder Wissenschaftler erforschen Gennetzwerk von Leberzellen zur Reprogrammierung von Stammzellen (DE)
Source: WDR, 25.01.2017

Kyoto University to halt provision of iPS cells after reagent misuse
Source: The Japanese Times, 24.01.2017

Revolutionary burn treatment uses stem cell spray
Source: Click2Houston, 24.01.17

Stammzellenforschung mit einem Denso-Roboter (DE)
Source: Hanser Konstruktion, 24.01.17

Researchers discover BRCA1 gene is key for blood forming stem cells
Source: Science Daily, 24.01.17

Elaine Fuchs wins 2017 McEwen Award for Innovation
Source: Rockefeller University, 23.01.2017

Tollwutviren zeigen Verschaltungen im gläsernen Gehirn (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Universität Bonn, 19.01.2017

Scientists initiate first ethical guidelines for organs cultivated in vitro
Source: IMBA Vienna, 19.01.2017

California voters were promised cures. But the state stem cell agency has funded just a trickle of clinical trials
Source: STATNews, 19.01.2017

Scientists reprogram embryonic stem cells to expand their potential cell fates
Source: EurekAlert, 13.01.17

Improving longevity of functionally integrated stem cells in regenerative vision therapy
Source: medicalxpress, 12.01.17

Japan, German researchers trying to save endangered rhinos using iPS cells (GSCN)
Source: The Japanese Times, 07.01.2017

NYSCF and Personal Genome Project announce availability of fully sequenced stem cell lines
Source: eurekalert, 05.01.17

Biological techniques: Stomach growth in a dish
Source: nature, 04.01.17


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