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5 Oct. 202316:15 - 17:30 h lectures; 17:30 - 19 h: social event with drinks and snacks
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External Speaker: Kevin Chalut, ALTOS, Cambridge, UK
Titel: Cell and nuclear surface mechanics and cell state transitions

Berlin Speaker: Georg Duda, BIH, Berlin
Titel: Steering cellular self-assembly in regeneration using bone healing as a model system


Welcome to the Berlin Stem Cell Club

The Berlin Stem Cell Club BSCC is the new club in town - we invite each month on the first Thursday analogue and digital to a meeting in Berlin. Let's discuss science, meet and network, get closer. In each meeting there will be a slot for an external speaker (30 min) and 1 short talk from a Berlin speaker. Member labs take turns to organize the meeting.
The BSCC is sponsored by BIH Organoid Hub and GSCN.


7 Sept. 2023 (↓ Flyer)
External Speaker: ➚ Gray Camp, Uni Basel, Roche Institute for Translational Bioengineering, CH
Titel: Exploring human development with organoid single cell technologies
Berlin Speaker: ➚ Silke Frahm, Max Delbrück Center, Berlin
Titel: Endogenous and synthetic glucocorticoids reduce alpha-synuclein pathology in transgenic mice and in Parkinson’s disease derived brain organoids

1 June 2023 (↓ Flyer )
External Speaker: ➚ Kai Kretschmar, University Würzburg
Title: Oral epithelial stem cells in health and disease
Berlin Speaker: ➚ Sigmar Stricker, FU Berlin
Title: Mesenchymal stromal cells in development and regeneration of skeletal muscle

4 May 2023 (↓ Flyer)
External Speaker: ➚ Miki Ebisuya, TU Dresden & EMBL Barcelona
Title: The stem cell zoo to study mechanisms for species-specific developmental tempo​
Berlin Speaker: ➚ Thomas HildebrandtLeibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin
Title: Advanced conservation strategies for critically endangered species including stem cell techniques​

13 April 2023 (↓ Flyer)
External Speaker: ➚ Thomas Braun, MPI for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim
Title: Ligand-induced metabolic activity and mechanosensing secure quiescence of muscle stem cells and prevent senescence
Berlin Speaker: ➚ Simone SpulerMax Delbrück Center & Charité, Berlin
Title: Precise gene correction in muscular dystrophy - implications for therapies​

2 March 2023 (↓ Flyer) 
External Speaker:  Michael Ziller, University Münster
Title: Dissecting the polygenic basis of mental illness through functional genomics of personalized disease model
Berlin Speaker:  Milad Rezvani, Charité - Berlin University of Medicine
Title: Modeling a hematopoietic niche in fetal liver organoids from human pluripotent stem cells

9 Feb. 2023 (↓ Flyer)
External Speaker:  Maria Patapia Zafeiriou, University Göttingen
Title: Generation a human innervated and vascularized cardiac muscle model
Berlin Speaker:  Mina Gouti, Max Delbrück Center
Title: Neuromuscular organoids to model human disease

12 Jan. 2023 (↓ Flyer)
External Speaker:  Jamie Hackett, Epigenetic mechanisms and intergenerational inheritance, EMBL Monterotondo, Italy
Title: The Function and Memory of Chromatin

Berlin Speaker:  Edda Schulz, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Title: Sensing X-dosage and developmental time at the onset of X-chromosome inactivation

1 Dec. 2022 (↓ Flyer):
External Speaker: Ayal Hendel, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
Title:  Modeling and correction of SCID by CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Berlin Speaker: Van Trung Chu, Max Delbrück Center, Berlin
Title: Precise gene repair in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells for gene therapy

3 Nov. 2022 (↓ Flyer):
External Speaker:  Kim Jensen, DanStem Copenhagen, Denmark
Title:  Intestinal epithelial stem cells in health and disease

Berlin Speaker:  Michael Sigal, Charité & BIMSB/Max Delbrück Center, Berlin
Title: Gastric epithelial stem cells in health and disease

6 Oct. 2022 (↓ Flyer):
External Speaker:  Micha Drukker, Leiden University, NL
Title:   Derivation of GMP grade iPS and progenitor cells

Berlin Speaker: ➚ Ludovic Vallier, Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) at Charité & MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Title: Stem cells and organoids to study liver biology and diseases

1 Sept. 2022(↓ Flyer):
External Speaker:  ➚ Anne Grapin-Botton (MPI-CBG Dresden)
Title:  Modeling mammalian pancreas development with organoids 

Berlin Speaker: ➚ Christian Conrad (BIH Charité, MDC)
Title: Translational organoid screening and sequencing

7 July 2022 (↓ Flyer):
External Speaker: ➚ Nicolas Rivron (IMBA, Vienna)
Title: Blastoids: shaping the mammalian embryo for implantation

Berlin Speaker: ➚ Sina Bartfeld (TU Berlin)
Title: Infection, innate immune signalling and cancer in the gut - organoids as disease model

2 June 2022 ( Flyer):
External Speaker:  Robert Zweigerdt, MHH Hannover
Making and repairing human hearts

Local Speaker:  Agniezska Rybak-Wolf, MDC/BIMSB, Berlin
Therapeutic strategies for Herpes simplex virus driven encephalitis

5 May 2022 ( Flyer): 
External Speaker:  Alejo E. Rodriguez-Fraticelli, IRB Barcelona, Spain
Clonal drivers of stem cell variation

Local Speaker:  Leif S. Ludwig, MDC/BIMSB, Berlin
Lineage tracing in human hematopoiesis using single cell genomics

7 April 2022 ( Flyer): 
External Speaker:  Vincent Pasque, University Leuven, Belgium
Single-cell and integrated multi-omics of human development and stem cells

Local Speaker:  Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu, MPl for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Modulating developmental timing by putting embryos to sleep

Hybrid Information

Zoom Link to the BSCC Lecture 

Please join the BSCC Lecture on 5 Oct. 2023 from 16:15 - 17:30 h via Zoom, if you can't join in person! The virtual talk is a webinar, please write your questions in the Q&A chat.

The Zoom link is open to everybody, everywhere!

Venue & Contact

Every first Thursday in the month, 16:15h - 17:30h
Social gathering with drinks and snacks - 19h
admission free

Medizinische Biotechnologie, TU Berlin
TIB 13 B-B, 1st floor
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin



Public Transportation:
S-Bhf. Humboldthain (S1, S2, S25) - enter area from Gustav-Meyer-Allee (6 min walk)
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Es sind 0,2 CP (Credit Points oder ECTS) für ein BSCC-Meeting angegeben. Die Charité schreibt nach neuer Promotionsordnung vor, dass promotionsbegleitend insgesamt 5 ECTS Punkte erworben werden müssen.

Wahlbereich I (PO-2017/11),
Forschungsmethodik (PO-2017/11),
Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung und Wissenschaftskommunikation (PO-2017/11),
Personal Skills und interdisziplinäre Kurse (PO-2017/11)

BSCC Steering Comitee 

Sina Bartfeld, TU Berlin
Daniel Besser, GSCN / BIH
Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu, MPI Molecular Genetics
Sebastian Diecke, MDC
Agnieszka Rybab-Wolf, BIMSB/MDC
Harald Stachelscheid, BIH Charité

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