BIOTEC: ES/iPS cell facility

The ES/iPS Cell Facility at CRTD is a newly established service based facility. It consists of two parts:

(1) Facility: where we provide services for generation of iPSCs (induced Pluripotent Stem cells) from human and non-human primate cells and characterize them for pluripotency, normal karyotype and identity via STR (short tandem repeat) analysis. As a service, we also provide generation of hiPSCs reporters, knock in/outs, scar-less gene correction or generation of isolgenic iPSC lines.

(2) Hub: part of the facility provides hands on training and collaboration space for researchers who maintain or directly differentiate human or non-human primate iPSCs to various cell lineages.

In future, we will offer iPSC generation and engineering hands on workshops in Dresden. It will be advertised through GSCN website and open to research labs across Germany.


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