Executive board of the GSCN



Active President

 Claudia Waskow

Leibniz Institute on Aging FLI, Jena

 Film about the work of Claudia Waskow

Designated President 2025/2026

 Heiko Lickert
Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research, Helmholtz Munich

​ Film about the work of Heiko Lickert

Senior President 

 Hans Schöler
Max Planck Institute for Molec. Biomedicine,

 Film about the work of Hans Schöler


 Michael Cross

University of Leipzig (until 2025)


 Andreas Trumpp
German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg
(until 2024)

  Film about the work of Andreas Trumpp


 Sina Bartfeld

TU Berlin

GSCN Video Claudia Waskow

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