Funding programs and policies

Coordinators: Ulrich Martin (Hannover), and GSCN Acting President (ex officio)

Innovative and internationally visible basic and applied stem cell research requires a robust and sustainable funding. The aim of the GSCN working group: “Funding-programs and –policies” is to approach and interact with the appropriate funding bodies to develop proposals for new and appropriate funding programs. Funding agencies both at national and international levels will be invited for discussions and statements on new initiatives to support stem cell research.

In addition, potential partners (e.g. foundations) will be identified in the future to establish specific funding programs in the GSCN, e.g. PhD stipends and integration of young scientists.

Initial tasks and questions will be:

  • Identification of and contact of potential funding bodies
  • To establish expert advice on the latest developments in research and to identify suitable areas for funding
  • Which measures can be implemented to address translational approaches?
  • What are potential organizations for funding programs at the level of young scientists?

These and similar questions are of central importance for a targeted promotion of stem cell research in Germany in the future. Stem cell scientists organized within the GSCN will be more effective in the promotion of stem cell research as individuals.

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