Public engagement and outreach activities

Coordinators: Tobias Cantz (Hannover), and Ira Herrmann (Bonn)

In schools or in adult education new findings of stem cell research results are followed with interest and teachers search for ways to address current developments in stem cell research in the classroom and in other school activities.

  • What are stem cells and why are the differences between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells emphasized to that extend?
  • Which ethical conflicts are associated with the research on human embryonic stem cells and for which applications would be artificially generated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) an alternative?
  • Can we grow tailored bio-artificial organs in the future and what difficulties must be solved for a cell-or tissue-replacement therapy?

For such questions, we want to provide materials, search opportunities, and best-practice examples in particular also for the positioning of stem cell research in an ethical and legal context.

Further information:

 For the Public

 Controversial Cuts (GSCN Annual Magazine 2015/16)

 Genome Editing (GSCN Annual Magazine 2014/15)

 Discussion paper: Ethical and legal assessment of genome edi ng in research on human cells (Leopoldina 2017)

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