Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research (BIH & GSCN)

Since 1 January 2021 the GSCN works in a tight cooperation with the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH).  The GSCN and the BIH have formed a "Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research" as a project to foster stem cell research as basic science and in the translation.

The BIH is a science facility for translation and precision medicine. It is dedicated to new approaches for better prognosis and novel therapies in personalized medicine to give people back or maintain their quality of life. Through cutting-edge translational research and innovation, BIH paves the way for benefit-driven, personalized healthcare. 
The GSCN is a network organization that unites stem cell researchers from universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. The GSCN aims to network basic and applied stem cell research in Germany and to promote its international integration, as well as to accompany novel approaches for stem cell therapies and to communicate with stakeholders.
Together, the BIH and the GSCN aim to effectively shape the upcoming issues and challenges in the biological, medical and pharmaceutical fields of stem cell research, promote research and translation, and efficiently communicate the current state of knowledge.

From January 1, 2021, the joint activities of the BIH and the GSCN will be presented through the "Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research". The aim is to continue and expand synergies in terms of content, while at the same time preserving the independence of the GSCN e.V. in the hybrid structure with the BIH and guaranteeing it to the outside world. 

The aim of the cooperation is to advance the implementation of joint projects through mutual contributions via the Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research. Among other things, this is intended to increase the national and international visibility and networking of the BIH in the field of stem cell research and related research areas such as regenerative medicine, cell engineering, cancer therapies, biomaterials, gene therapy, single cell technologies, data science, and clinical trials.

New: Extended Working Groups GSCN & BIH

In the near future, the GSCN working groups will expand their chairs with one member of the BIH to strengthen the Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research.

Strategic working group "Career development"

Insa Schröder, GSI Darmstadt, GSCN
Mariek Essers, DKFZ Heidelberg, GSCN
Karin Höhne, BIH Berlin
Germán Ortega Camargo, BSSE-ETH Zürich Basel, GSCN

The Steering Board of the Dialog Platform Stem Cell Research will meet twice a year and has been founded with the following members:

Christopher Baum, BIH
Simon Haas, BIH
Hans Schöler, GSCN
Claudia Waskow, GSCN
Daniel Besser, GSCN & BIH



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