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ELSA of human cerebral organoids and their governance in Germany, UK and the USA
  8-10 August Tübingen
Networking event on 3D organ models @ Charite, Berlin
  24 August Berlin
ISEH's 51st Annual Scientific meeting
  1 - 4 September Edinburgh, UK
Gutenberg Workshop in Life Sciences: Stem cell systems in development, disease and regeneration
  7 - 9 September Mainz
The Company of Biologists: From Stem Cells to Human Development
  11 - 14 September Wotton House, Surrey, UK
10th GSCN Conference & 20 Year Stem Cell Network NRW
  13 - 16 Sept. Münster
Hydra XV - European Summer School on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
  13 - 20 September Hydra, Greece
GfE Meeting - German Society for Developmental Biology
  20 - 23 September Stuttgart
55. DGTI Jahrestagung 
  21 - 23 Sept. Mannheim
ESGCT 29th Congress in collaboration with BSGCT 
  11 - 14 Oct. Edinburgh, UK
PEI/GSCN workshop “The Product is the Process – Is it?” Manufacturing and Translation of ATMP and Tissue-& Cell-based products
  8 Dec. Potsdam
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