Poster Exhibition "Stem Cells for Life"

Stem cells for life: 10 posters to download and digital information

The GSCN has developed an exhibition for institutes, universities and teachers - 10 posters on topics of current stem cell research like diabetes, organoids, skin, ethics and many more. Each poster is accompanied by a website with videos, factsheets and an interactive quiz to deepen the information.
The highlight: The posters are available as DINA 0 format on the GSCN website - anyone can download them, print them out as posters  - and immediately has a complete, analogue and digitally enhanced, exhibition on stem cells, research and application at hand.

The English posters can be downloaded as print version here.



Link to the website: Stem cells for life

The German version can be found here: Stammzellen - Zellen fürs Leben

Topics of the exhibition:
Stem cells - general
Blood and Leukemia
Eye: blindness and vision loss
Parkinson's disease
Heart disease

Contact and information:
Please contact Stefanie Mahler if you have any questions.

Digital Exhibition "Stem Cells for Life"

The interactive exhibit "Stem cells for life" provides information on the current state of stem cell research and stem cell therapies. Each website is accompanied by a poster. The digital content provides fact sheets, videos and more information as well as a quiz.
The combination Poster & digital exhibition allows the broad access to knowledge about the current state of stem cell research at any time or place, in both print and digital formats. And all for free.

Images of the Poster Exhibition

 UniStem Day 2020, Berlin

  Exhibition at  University Ulm
@Sabine Wörndle, Uni Ulm



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