Stem Cell News Archive 2019

Über Hoffnung, Stammzellen und Parkinson (DE)
Source: Deutschlandfunk, 30.12. 2019

Innovative method delivers new insights into the stem cell microenvironment
Source:, 23.12.2019

Study uncovers a previously unknown subtype of muscle stem cells
Source: news-medical, 21.12.2019

Stroke drug boosts stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury in rats
Source:, 17.12. 2019

U.S. agency warns company marketing ‘stem cells’ for autism
Source:, 12.12.2019

Clinic pitches unproven treatments to desperate patients, with tips on raising the cash
Source: Washington Post, 2.12.2019

Scientists rejuvenate stem cells in the aging brain of mice
Source: University of Luxembourg, 28.02.2019

Fully equipped, automated laboratory advances for clinical stem cell therapies (GSCN)
Source: Fraunhofer IPT, 12.02.2019

EU-funded project investigates molecular mechanisms of aging in adult stem cells
Source: News Medical, 08.02.2019

Consumer Reports: New, unproven stem cell treatment danger
Source: ABC7, 07.02.2019

First Human Trial Of Stem Cell-Derived Implants Underway In Type 1 Diabetes In Europe
Source: dLife, 22.01.2019

Gene-edited disease monkeys cloned in China
Source: Eureka Alert, 23.01.2019

First Human Trial Of Stem Cell-Derived Implants Underway In Type 1 Diabetes In Europe
Source: dLife, 22.01.2019

Scientists grow human blood vessels in the lab in 'game changing' breakthrough for disease research
Source: Daily Mail, 16.01.2019

A remarkable new study shows stem cells can reverse MS in some patients
Source: VOX, 15.01.2019, MedicalNewsToday, 18.01.2019

UCLA scientists create a renewable source of cancer-fighting T cells
Source: UCLA, 17.01.2019

Serum prevents deadly cytomegalovirus infection after stem cell transplantation
Source: EurekAlert, 17.01.2019

How stem cells self-organize in the developing embryo
Source: Science Daily, 16.01.2019

Researchers discover the signal that drives stem cells to form new bones
Source: HUB, 09.01.2019

Stem cell study offers clues for optimizing bone marrow transplants and more
Source: USC, 09.01.2019

Auch das Riechvermögen lässt im Alter nach (DE) (GSCN)
Source: Laborpraxis, 07.01.2019

Was denkt ein Organoid in der Petrischale? (DE)
Source: Deutschlandfunk, 01.01.2019

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